Blockchain Drilling™ Service

The offshore industry’s first application of industrial blockchain technology and the latest innovation from Diamond Offshore — Blockchain Drilling™ service drives efficiencies and enables oil and gas operators to reduce their total cost of ownership.

This new service provides operators with a cloud-based, immutable platform accessible from any web enabled device for the optimization of well construction activities from the procurement stage through the construction, completion and production phases. Tracking, planning, and optimizing the well(s) through each phase provides the ability to reduce spend, eliminate waste, improve processes, and better align all parties needed to deliver a well successfully.

The baseline Blockchain Drilling platform consists of five modules designed to drive efficiencies and eliminate waste throughout the well construction value chain:

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Manager: provides transparency, provenance and immutability across the entire supply chain
  • Well Planner: displays actual versus planned time-to-depth data with detailed events
  • Spend Monitor: aggregates total well construction costs versus budget
  • Dynamic Critical Path: shows real-time bottlenecks as they develop
  • Performance Tracker: monitors operational key performance indicators (KPIs)

Operators have the option to adapt additional configurable modules on the Blockchain Drilling platform for individual well or multi-well campaigns based on their project needs.

Developed in partnership with Data Gumbo Corporation, our Blockchain Drilling service will be implemented fleet-wide on Diamond Offshore drilling rigs, creating the industry’s first Blockchain Ready Rig™ fleet.

Blockchain DrillingTM Service

First-of-its-kind cloud-based solution facilitating 24/7 access to well construction activities and progress