Training & Development Programs

We are proud to claim a reputation in the industry as having world-class training programs. It is a reputation we work diligently to uphold every day. All training is conducted by Diamond Offshore expert trainers in well control, stability and ballast control and crane operations. Diamond Offshore's Ocean Technology Center features multi-million dollar drilling simulation equipment for use in teaching drilling practices and well control.

Premier industry trainer

We practice improving performance often. With the help of expert offshore trainers, we conduct rig-based training exercises that improve crew performance before and after every task. This process is known as the Job Safety Analysis process (JSA).

Field position competency training

Our worldwide competency program tracks every employee's training history and monitors and updates that person's training around the world. That means your career path is on track and focused no matter where you are working to help you continue to improve and meet your long-term advancement goals.

Training laboratories

Diamond Offshore rigs are not only efficient drilling operation vessels, they are site-specific training laboratories where expert well control practices and procedures are constantly used. Our "fit for purpose" customized training delivers hands-on experience and helps develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to be fully competent. As a founding member in the development of the WellCAP Training Program for the International Association of Drilling Contractors, Diamond Offshore has developed a well control training program that leads the industry in comprehensive well control training.

Advanced Ballast Control Simulator

A reflection of the safety and training culture within the company, Diamond Offshore invests in the most advanced training tools available. Our state-of-the-art ballast control simulator replicates rig operations like no other training tool in the world. The system can simulate virtually any combination of conditions pertaining to rig buoyancy and position, from wave action and weather to operational issues and emergency situations. The simulator's flexibility allows it to create any type of training to prepare our crews for all types of situations that can occur today and on future generations of drilling rigs.

Crane Simulation and Assessment

Diamond Offshore trains its crane operators (called deck supervisors) and deck coordinators (flagmen & signalmen) together in rigging and full scale heavy crane lifts and emergency operations.  A state-of-the-art crane simulator documents full team performance assessments against best practice and industry and regulatory guidelines.