The Ocean Technology Center Training Facility

Our training facility, The Ocean Technology Center, offers the most advanced training and full-scale simulation programs available in the industry today. The difference with our simulations and training programs is their connection to people - operators, drillers, managers, trainers and more - all working to deliver the most efficient and safest way to complete a task.

Leading edge electronic drilling and traditional drilling simulation

Diamond Offshore's Ocean Technology Center features multi-million dollar drilling simulation equipment for use in teaching drilling practices and well control. Additionally, the equipment can simultaneously replicate downhole geologic formations and well pressures and depths. Customers' project leaders can assemble team leads and their support and service personnel to work through a planned well with strategic procedures to address their specific project. This is the essence of building the partnership of managing a successful and safe drilling project. The Ocean Technology Center provides a designated space, along with technology and expertise, to help our customers and employees plan our shared projects together.

Spud meetings

At Diamond Offshore, the process of beginning to drill a well, or spud, is an opportunity to review the dynamics and critical components of the well. Diamond Offshore customers and teams from operations, management and training meet at The Ocean Technology Center training facility to review the approach to the well and discuss any challenges. The training team becomes a sounding board and consultant group to help assure the most efficient and safest operations at the rig.