Sim-Stack® Service

Sim-Stack Service

Subsea equipment repair and maintenance is a large cause of nonproductive time across the offshore drilling industry. To address this industry-wide challenge, Diamond Offshore introduced its Sim-Stack® service — the industry’s first cybernetic BOP service.

Using a highly sophisticated and complex "virtual twin" of a BOP system, our Sim-Stack service performs advanced engineering visualization, assimilation, and data fusion, which in turn we use to consult with relevant stakeholders to improve efficiencies, lower non-productive time and reduce costs of deepwater drilling.

With our Sim-Stack service, Diamond Offshore is able to continuously and accurately assess BOP status and regulatory compliance after a single or multiple component failure has been identified. When issues arise, Sim-Stack immediately provides critical feedback without human bias in a systematic method. Based on this, Diamond is able to consult with stakeholders and determine a proper course of action while providing a third party Statement of Fact to the operator and regulatory bodies such as the Bureau of Safety and Environmental enforcement (BSEE). The traditional process takes hours, days or even weeks to reach consensus. With our Sim-Stack service, this can now be accomplished in a few hours or less.

In addition to being an innovative efficiency and safety tool, Sim-Stack is also a robust training tool for offshore personnel. Similar to the flight-training simulators used in the aviation industry, Sim-Stack provides our technical talent a safe and dynamic learning environment to train and further develop their skills and expertise.

Exclusively available from Diamond Offshore, our Sim-Stack service is currently available for all of our differentiated drilliships currently working in the Gulf of Mexico and will be implemented on other sixth-generation rigs in our global fleet.

Sim-Stack Service

The underlying Sim-Stack engineering technology received a designation as a STAR initiative from BSEE, being one of the industry's best available and safest technologies.