Pressure Control by the Hour

Diamond Offshore is committed to providing value to customers through safe and highly efficient operations. The introduction of Pressure Control by the Hour® is a new service model for deepwater drilling and a new way of thinking to drive continuous improvement in the industry.

Subsea equipment repair and maintenance is a large cause of nonproductive time across the offshore drilling industry. Diamond Offshore’s Pressure Control by the Hour® service model includes performance incentives to reduce BOP system downtime and improve system reliability for Diamond Offshore and its customers.

In collaboration with GE Oil & Gas, Diamond Offshore will utilize GE’s engageDrilling™ Services offering to enhance BOP system availability on its four sixth-generation drillships. By transferring the maintenance and services of pressure control equipment to GE Oil & Gas, Diamond Offshore is simplifying operations and optimizing between well maintenance to reduce the frequency and duration of downtime. The combination of Diamond Offshore’s operational excellence and the incentivized performance of BOPs will promote the delivery of enhanced offshore drilling economics for our customers.

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