Frequently Asked Questions

What positions do you currently have available?
Please view a list of available positions shown under Job Opportunities to the left on this page.

How do I apply for employment?
Once you have determined the position of interest to you, please apply for employment by completing the online application form provided.

What happens after I apply?
Your online application will be reviewed and those candidates of interest will be contacted by a member of our HR team to schedule an interview, either in-person or by telephone.

Where are interviews conducted?
Most interviews are conducted at our Houston office, but may take place as needed in other cities, primarily in the Gulf coast region.

Does Diamond conduct background checks?
Yes, we verify the information provided to us on your application and/or resume.

Is a physical and drug screen required for employment?
Drug screens are required for all positions. These will be Company paid and arranged by our HR team as part of the hiring process.

Physicals are required for all candidates who have accepted positions on our offshore drilling units; certain office-based positions will also be required to successfully complete a physical.   These will be Company paid and arranged by our HR team as part of the hiring process.

What benefits does Diamond offer?
Please see the benefits information shown in Total Career Benefits to the left on this page.

Additional FAQs for offshore positions:

Is offshore experience required to be considered for employment?
No offshore experience is required for entry level roustabout positions; however, previous experience in heavy labor positions is preferred.

Offshore experience is considered a plus for all positions and may be required for some positions as noted in the job descriptions provided for each available position in Job Opportunities to the left on this page.

Is there an age requirement to work offshore?
Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age.

Is a TWIC card required before I can be hired?
Yes, a TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) is a requirement for all rigs working in the Gulf of Mexico.  Please visit the TSA's website for more information:

Am I required to have a passport?
No, a passport is not required for hire in the Gulf of Mexico, but you must meet the requirements to obtain a passport for work in our international locations.  Our HR team would assist you in obtaining a passport as needed once you are employed.

What is the work schedule?
You will work a rotational schedule of 28 days on, 28 days off.

In addition, work offshore takes place every day of the year, without regard to holidays.  Also, no vacation days are provided given the rotational work schedule.

What is a typical work shift?
All positions are required to work 12 hours per day, for a minimum of 84 hours per 7 day work week; Additional overtime hours may be required.

How do I get to the crew change location?
For most positions, you must provide your own transportation to the designated crew change points when assigned to work on rigs in the US Gulf of Mexico.  Those working in international locations will typically fly (Company paid) from their nearest major airport.