Diamond Offshore is fully committed to preserving the environment with strict adherence to all applicable laws and industry recommended practices. As an industry leader in health, safety, and environment, we believe that all environmental incidents can be prevented by having the proper barriers in place. These barriers include adequate training, system policies, routine drills, environmental meetings, daily inspections, and corporate environmental audits.

Keep it Pristine

Diamond Offshore also follows a rigorous maintenance program which ensures that machinery is operating at peak efficiency which in return helps reduce our carbon footprint. Diamond Offshore demonstrates environmental stewardship on a corporate level by participating in several industry and regulatory affairs meetings. This participation gives us the ability to proactively give input on how the industry is governed.

Our corporate office also strives to preserve the environment by participating in recycling and encouraging energy conservation. In addition, our corporate employees and their families participate in the annual Texas Adopt-A-Beach Program and the Clean Galveston Program Walk-About.  Diamond Offshore not only fosters the environment but also supports its wildlife by maintaining a close relationship with the Wildlife Center of Texas. On occasion, wild birds make their way out to our facilities and require special assistance in safely returning to their natural habitats. Diamond Offshore employees are encouraged to assist with the transport of these special animals to shore so they may be cared for and rehabilitated by trained professionals. It is in the interest of the Company that we preserve and protect our natural resources while helping to provide the energy that moves us forward into the next generation.

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