Best-in-Class Safety Strategies

Our goal is clear: We strive to achieve zero incident operations every day, everywhere we operate. We do it through our best-in-class safety initiatives.

To the men and women of Diamond Offshore, safety is not just a set of rules to follow. It is a dedicated and well-practiced skill. We not only try to work safely, we work consistently to develop and implement increasingly effective ways of achieving flawless operations.

Achieving Zero Incident Operations, or ZIO, means operating at peak performance and completing each task without harm to our people, the environment or our equipment. Through this unwavering dedication, Diamond Offshore will deliver value to our customers, our shareholders and our communities around the world. 

Safety. Every day. Around the world.

Our safety leadership is exemplified in the innovations and advances we have incorporated into our culture.

  • DODI Process - Diligent Observation Decisive Intervention, our own behavior-based safety program
  • Hands-Off Tool and Hand Safety Committee – Works continuously to eliminate all hand injuries, which account for half of all offshore injuries in the industry
  • JSAMS – Our highly successful Job Safety Analysis System
  • JPS – Our state-of-the-art Job Planning System
  • Safety Leadership Training
  • Advances in Incident Investigation
  • Green Committee for Environmental Protection

Several safety strategies are incorporated into our Global Excellence Management System (GEMS).

DODI Process Hand Safety

Trace Adkins Safety Video

Trace Adkins Safety Video



Zero Incident Operations

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